Encourage. Equip. Empower.

About Us

The mission of the Continuing Progression Center (CPC) is to strengthen the economic condition of families living in at-risk areas in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Through CPC, youth will be exposed to new and exciting things in the arts, sports and education in an effort to provide positive influence to an at-risk segment of our population. For adults, CPC activities will equip them with the skills necessary to progress further educationally, academically and financially. And finally, for families CPC will equip them with the tools necessary to begin and maintain strong marriages.

This will all be done through a strategic group of activities and programs that will encourage, equip and empower youth and adults in the following ways:

ENCOURAGE youth through programs and activities that expose them to ideas, careers and experiences beyond their normal scope of experiences and thought in an effort to push their thinking, broaden their imagination, build their confidence in their future, and improve their self-esteem.

EQUIP youth mentally and physically with the tools necessary to be successful in whatever career path they choose. Likewise equip adults mentally with the tools necessary to improve their current career path and income.

EMPOWER youth to move forward with the knowledge and experiences they’ve attained to become positive game-changers in their families, community, and in this great nation. Likewise empower adults to move forward with the knowledge they’ve attained to become better parents and better providers for their family.

Our Board Members

  • Willie D. Bass
    Founder / Board President
    Iowa State University, B.S.
    Rosalind Franklin University, M.S.
    Affiliation: Propath Laboratories
  • Majaliwa Bass
    Nominating Committee Chair
    University of Oklahoma, B.S.
    University of Michigan, M.B.A.
    Affiliation: Intuit
  • Andrea Cain
    Program Director
    Stephen F. Austin State University, M.Ed
    University of Houston, B.S.
    Affiliation: Educational Consultant